Sharee Council is one of the foremost Islamic legal service providers in the UK, established by Shaikh Yakub Qasmi (rahimah-ullah). Our office is on Thornhill Road, Dewsbury and our contact number is 01924 464122. We have received several complaints concerning individuals purporting to be linked to Sharee Council. Please be cautious.

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At Sharee Council we understand that access to quality Islamic services are a necessity for Muslims who are not only required to follow English law, but also Islamic law as prescribed by the Holy Qur’an and mentioned in Prophetic ahadeeth. Sharee Council is here to help the Muslim community in taking care of their Islamic affairs. With specialist expertise in the various Islamic fields, we aim to offer a wide range of services pertinent to Muslims residing in the West.

Islam is more than just a religion – it is a complete way of life and to follow it is to follow a definitive code of conduct. Not only does Islamic legislation relate to belief and worship, but for a Muslim, Allah (SWT) has also divinely ordained the economic and social aspects of his or her life. Therefore, it is imperative for a Muslim, regardless of his place of residence, that not only does he live in accordance with the law of the land in which he resides, but that he abides by the dictates of Islamic law (Shariah) as well.

With our services you can be rest assured knowing that your Islamic needs are handled in a way that adheres to the tenets of Islamic law and credible. Whether it is resolving a dispute, guidance on calculating your annual zakat liability, or an important question on salah, we are able to help, in-sha-Allah.

The rising Muslim population of the United Kingdom has naturally resulted in the Muslims encountering many social problems, particularly on the domestic front. Furthermore, the vast majority of these problems stem from ignorance to the Islamic rules and regulations regarding marriage and divorce. It was therefore decided after consultation, to form a ‘Council for Islamic legal Research and Implementation' comprising of a body of Islamic scholars. This was set up in early 1994 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, by Shaykh Yakub Qasmi (may Allah preserve him), a senior 'aalim of worldwide repute and proficient in the various Islamic sciences. Shaykh Yakub Qasmi, with his knowledge and wisdom, undertook this struggle and worked to provide services for the benefit of the Muslim community, and primarily to resolve Muslim family issues.

Sharee Council is tirelessly continuing its service to the Muslim public to the present day. In recognising its urgent need and importance, the facts speak for themselves; to date countless couples and individuals have had the benefit of having been guided in their Islamic matters of life,  in harmony with both Islamic law and the law of the land.

The last couple of decades have seen our services grow and recognition increase. Sharee Council is a no, without doubt, a widely recognised Islamic authority and organisation, and as such, documents issued and attested by it are accepted throughout the Muslim community.

The vast majority of social problems within the Muslim community stem from ignorance to the Islamic rules and regulations regarding family life in general. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to gain sufficient Islamic knowledge so as to ensure one's welfare in  this world and the next.

Equally important is the need to consult experienced and knowledgeable personnel when crucial circumstances arise. Taking such counsel is a praiseworthy deed by virtue of numerous Quranic injunctions. Allah says:

“So ask the people of the scripture if you do not know.” [16:43]

“...(and those) whose affairs are a matter of counsel…” [42:38]

The Sharee Council offers free advice to all. Please feel free to contact our office here.

Our work will, in-sha-Allah, bring about positive changes within the community at large. With the help of Allah, through our research, education and guidance legitimate solutions to real-life problems will always to available despite forthcoming changes in the landscape.