Sharee Council is one of the foremost Islamic legal service providers in the UK, established by Shaikh Yakub Qasmi (rahimah-ullah). Our office is on Thornhill Road, Dewsbury and our contact number is 01924 464122. We have received several complaints concerning individuals purporting to be linked to Sharee Council. Please be cautious.

Our Team

See the source image See the source imageMufti Yusuf Akudi
Shaykh Ilyas Yusuf

Moulana Ilyas accompanied Shaikh Yaqub Qasmi for over two decades at the Sharee Council. Since obtaining his aalimiyyah he has amassed an invaluable amount of experience and expertise in multiple areas. After initially receiving relevant training in Islamic judicature (qadha) with the supervision of Shaikh Yaqub, he attended the prominent al-Imarah al-Shar’iyyah, India to further his expertise in the field of qadha under the guidance of the late Qadhi Qasim Muzaffarpuri. Using his knowledge and experience he has come to foster a special status in dispute resolution in light of Islamic legal principles. Moulana frequently delivers lectures and is at times called upon as an expert witness in UK courts. Some the senior scholars who have taught him, include: Mufti Nizamuddeen Shamzai, Shaikh Dr AbdurRazzaq Iskander, Moulana Yusuf Ludhyanwi, Moulana Habibullah Mukhtar, Moulana Anwar Badakhshani, Moulana Imdadullah.

Alongside his work at the Sharee Council, Moulana Ilyas also holds several important positions, including principal of a madrasah,  governor of a school, Imam at a high security prison and hospital. 
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Moulana Qadhi Amjad Ahmed

Moulana Amjad hails from a family of Islamic scholars, receiving most of his higher Islamic education and training in India from the esteemed Dar ul-Uloom at Dabhel and al-Ma’had al-‘Aali li l-Qadha wa l-Ifta of al-Imarah al-Shar’iyyah, under the guidance of Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri and Mufti Mahmood Bardoli in the former, and Qadhi Qasim Muzaffarpuri and Qadhi Jasim ud-Deen Rahmani in the latter. He was appointed by Shaikh Yaqub Qasmi as a panel member and has held this position for over a decade, providing Islamic legal guidance as well as preceding over cases. Alongside his vital position at the Sharee Council, he has taught in and developed madrasahs and served as head Imam at one of the UK’s oldest masjids. He specialises in Islamic law and judicature, Quranic exegesis and hadeeth. He is also currently, at the forefront of training the new generation of Islamic scholars. 
 Moulana Sajid Abu Shamweel

Trained at the prestigious Islamic seminary in Dewsbury, Jamiah Ta’leem al-Islam and graduated in the year 2001, Moulana Sajid holds ijazah in the ten qiraat alongside ijazahs in the books of hadeeth, the highest of which is from the late Shaikh al-Hadeeth Mufti Muslihuddeen Barodwi. During his spiritual sabbatical he travelled throughout Asia, engaging in da’wah and benefiting from the knowledge and wisdom of our scholarly and spiritual elders. Having gained abundant experience studying and teaching Islamic jurisprudence, tafseer and hadeeth, he was subsequently appointed as a Sharee Council panel member in 2013 by Shaikh Yaqub Qasmi, founding head. After initially receiving relevant training in Islamic judicature (qadha) at the Sharee Council, he attended the prominent al-Imarah al-Shar’iyyah, India to further his expertise in the field of qadha under the guidance of the late Qadhi Qasim Muzaffarpuri.
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Dr. Shaykh Shabbir Ahmed

Shaikh brings an abundance of experience and knowledge from various domains. He lived and studied for nearly a decade in the blessed city of Madinah Munawwarah before returning to the UK. He graduated at the top of his class majoring in hadeeth studies, before obtaining an MA and then a PhD from the Leeds University. Some of the scholars under whom Shaikh Shabbir studied are: Shaikh Abd ul-Muhsin al-Abbad, Shaikh Dr. Abdullah al-Ghunayman, Shaikh Atiyyah Salim, chief judge of Madinah Munawwarah, Shaikh Abd ul-Azeez Aal Abd ul-Lateef, imam of ilm ul-jarh wa l-tadeel, Shaikh Hammad al-Ansari, muhaddith of Madinah Munawwarah, Shaikh Prof. Matr al-Zahrani, Prof. V. Abdurraheem

Shaikh Shabbir has been trained in the jurisprudence (fiqh) of the four sunni schools. For nearly three decades he has taught Islamic law, and he continues to be consulted on Islamic matters. He has served as a lecturer at Sheffield University and Abertay University, Dundee. He is fluent both in written and verbal Arabic, Urdu and English. 
 Shaykh Sauban

Shaikh Sauban has spent almost a decade studying and training in the various Islamic sciences both in the UK and abroad, graduating from Jamiah Umm al-Qura, Makkah Mukarramah, specialising in Islamic Law and Judicial Studies (al-Dirasat al-Qadhaiyyah). During the subsequent years he has gained various industry recognised qualifications in dispute resolution, mediation, trust & estate planning and Will writing.

As well as being a panel member, he is a qualified mediator and Will writer, specialising in Islamic inheritance and succession. He is the head Will writer at and an affiliate member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

He is fluent in four languages including Arabic, English and Urdu.
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Sister Habiban

An influential leader, Sister Habiban has served on the Sharee Council supporting vulnerable women offering counselling, building confidence & self-esteem, delivering training on dilemmas for women to strengthen awareness and inform victims of their legal rights and support available. She has worked tirelessly in the local community for many years taking part in numerous projects to ensure respect, tolerance and the upholding of fundamental rights of individuals and the community at large. She is a qualified counsellor and possesses a wealth of experience dealing with people.
 Moulana Jabir

Moulana Jabir has a wealth of experience in various fields. He graduated from the well-known Islamic seminary, Jamiah al-‘Ilm wa l-Huda in Blackburn and has since been involved in various Islamic and educational projects and initiatives locally. Moulana is part of a multi faith chaplaincy team working with vulnerable adults, and he also mentors the younger generation through faith-based learning projects. A valuable member of the team at the Sharee Council since 2017.