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Attest Nikah Document


If your nikah has already taken place and you require the nikah (Islamic marriage) document to be attested by the Sharee Council, apply here. Such attestation is often required for visa purposes by embassies/consulates in the UK of Muslim countries. Your nikah certificate after being attested by the Sharee Council undoutedly gives it more credence.

Additional Information

Islam always recommends that all important matters of life be documented whether it be marriage, divorce, inheritance or something else.

If your nikah has already taken place and you require a nikah (Islamic marriage) certificate, then this is possible. The Sharee Council can issue a nikah certificate to substantiate that your marriage took place if it was simply a verbally conducted nikah. Similarly, your nikah document can be attested by the Sharee Council, giving it more credence (and often such a document is required for visa purposes).

Documents issued by an Islamic authority such as a reputable Sharee Council serve as proof and are widely accepted by the Muslim community in the UK. Furthermore, our documents are sought by foreign embassies/consulates in the UK of Muslim countries to verify matters. Often this is for visa purposes.

For the attestation, the nikah document issued by the masjid and/or imam who conducted the nikah is to be submitted. Where this is not possible, testimony will be required from two or more persons who witnessed the nikah ceremony.

A copy of the husband and wife’s IDs is required, and if testimony is needed then a copy of witnesses’ IDs is also required.

The cost of the service is £80 if the original nikah document is available to be attested. If witness testimony is necessary to attest the nikah, then an extra £70 is charged (i.e. a total of £150). However, if the nikah cannot be verified adequately despite attempts then any fee paid will be refunded to you. In such a scenario, appropriate advice will be given to assist you.