Sharee Council is one of the foremost Islamic legal service providers in the UK, established by Shaikh Yakub Qasmi (rahimah-ullah). Our office is on Thornhill Road, Dewsbury and our contact number is 01924 464122. We have received several complaints concerning individuals purporting to be linked to Sharee Council. Please be cautious.

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It is incumbent upon every Muslim to gain sufficient Islamic knowledge so as to ensure ones welfare in  this world and the hereafter.

Equally important is the need to consult experienced and knowledgeable personnel when crucial circumstances arise. Taking such counsel is a praiseworthy deed by virtue of numerous Quranic injunctions. The Almighty (SWT) says:

“So ask the people of the scripture if you do not know.” [16:43]

“...(and those) whose affairs are a matter of counsel…” [42:38]

The vast majority of social problems within the Muslim community stem from ignorance of the Islamic rules and regulations regarding family life in general.

Book an appointment with one of our experts to discuss your issue in confidence, and get the most accurate Islamic advice.